Proudly supported by the Commonwealth Bank, KickStart training is for all registered and certified Indigenous businesses. The training is designed to help Indigenous businesses optimise their profile on Indigenous Business Direct (IBD) to gain a thorough understanding of how to use IBD as a practical business tool, and to learn about the valuable resources available in the supplier portal.

This session will cover:
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  • Optimising your IBD Profile
    Enhance your business profile on IBD to clearly highlight your business proposition in a succinct and engaging way. This training will be interactive and require attendees to log into their supplier portal and access their profiles for updates during the session.

  • Digital engagement, knowledge of IBD, and resources available within the supplier portal
    This training will discuss the Member Opportunity Board (MOB) and how to access new buyer opportunities. This training will also cover how Certified Suppliers can best utilise their exclusive member directory and supplier shortlists.

  • How to best utilise your IBD portal access to leverage your brand and connect with members
Supply Nation's Kickstart training is provided free of charge to all currently registered and certified Indigenous businesses.