Indigenous Business Learning Program

Supply Nation’s Indigenous Business Learning Program is a capability building program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business owners.

Funded by Google’s philanthropic arm,, the program provides an online platform with on-demand video resources on a range of topics identified in Supply Nation Research Reports as key success factors for Indigenous businesses.

The program will offer advice and guidance through the voices and experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business owners, highlighting suitable techniques and processes unique to Indigenous business culture.
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Developing your Marketing Skills

Marketing is an essential part of building and growing a business – but we are not all marketing experts. In this course, we introduce you to core concepts and provide simple strategies to build your understanding and confidence to effectively market your product.

This course includes foundational topics such as What is a marketing strategy and Introduction to Marketing, through to more advance topics on Lead Generation, utilising Facebook Groups and Re-marketing.

Check out the course overview here.

Modules include:
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Understand your Customer
  • Product Development
  • Customer Journey
  • Business communications & marketing
  • Identifying the right channels
  • Digital Marketing
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  • Know the core principles of marketing
  • Understand how marketing supports your business

  • Build confidence to market your products online

Engaging Virtually

With over 80% of Australian buyers shopping online, learning how to engage your clients and potential customers online is critical to building brand awareness and ensure you stay top of mind. But where do you start? 

In this course, we show you how to create engagement through social media, Develop Landing Pages and introduce simple and practical ways to pivot your business online, to Developing an online course or Build a membership site. 

Check out the course overview here.
Modules include:
  • Shifting your business online
  • Building Engagement
  • Lead generation
  • Selling online
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  • Understand how to shift your business online 
  • Learn how to build customer engagement through digital platforms 
  • Build confidence to develop online offerings 

Technology to build your business

Digital transformation is one of the key drivers behind long-term growth and success in business. Small and medium-sized businesses are increasingly using technology to strengthen product development, marketing, and customer engagement. The adoption of technology within your business enables you to create a seamless customer experience, build competitive advantage and leverage your time to enable you to build a business that can scale.

In this course, we introduce simple and effective tools to support your business growth, from Google My Business to Email Marketing, Selling Online to Engaging a Virtual Assistant to leverage your time and business effectiveness.

Check out the course overview here.
Modules include:
  • Business Tools
  • Selling online
  • Membership Based Business
  • Engaging a Virtual Assistant
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  • Understand how technology can support your business growth 

  • Learn how to measure success of your online strategies using data analytics

  • Confidence to build an online business
  • Learn how to build your business using virtual assistants 
Meet the instructor

Jenni Walke

Jenni Walke is a proud Bundjalung woman with 25 years’ experience in leadership development, capability development, business strategy, coaching and facilitation.

Jenni works with businesses and leaders to understand how they work and develop strategies to solve complex problems through new and innovative solutions.

Jenni is the owner of the Supply Nation Certified business - Elephant in the Room Consulting, co-Founder of the B Impact Collective and member of the Advisory Board of Future Value Co.

Her mission is to create and impact change and enable swift transformation in businesses small and large, through providing clarity, and helping to create systems and processes

Jenni is mentor for the Indigenous Business Australia Strong Women Strong Business Mentor program, a Chair on the QLD Government Mentor for Growth and Mentor for ACE programs, and on the Anglo American Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group.
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