To be eligible to participate in the Drive program, a supplier must meet the following criteria: 

  1. Be a Supply Nation Registered or Certified supplier  
  2. Supply goods and/or services to one or more of Supply Nation’s Member base 
  3. Be actively pursuing tender opportunities  
  4. Seeking to improve their chances of winning business 
  5. Complete a pre-qualification/eligibility survey.

Preparing your bid

This module is designed to assist suppliers’ understanding of the procurement and tender functions and place them in a position to submit a tender response –that is more in line with the expectations of procurement professionals and buyers.
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  • Know the function of procurement
  • Understand the tender process
  • Prepare and submit a tender response
  • Comply with tender probity 
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Agreeing the contract

This module is designed assist suppliers’ knowledge of the procurement contract and process including negotiating, forming, and signing a contract. It addresses many common topics, obstacles, and considerations by offering explanation, guidance, and advice to ensure procurement teams experience improved engagement with suppliers.
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  • Learn about procurement contracts
  • Explain the formation of the contract
  • Participate in contract negotiation 
  • Understand other types of Contract
Meet the instructor

Shaun Hodgins

Shaun is a procurement professional with over 15 years’ experience gained in senior leadership roles with several corporate Supply Nation members. He is also a demonstrated leader in supplier diversity having been awarded multiple awards for his commitment to the sector in Australia.