To be eligible to participate in the Drive program, a supplier must meet the following criteria: 

  1. Be a Supply Nation Registered or Certified supplier
  2. Supply goods and/or services to one or more of Supply Nation’s Member base
  3. Be actively pursuing tender opportunities
  4. Seeking to improve their chances of winning business 

Preparing your bid

This module is designed to assist suppliers’ understanding of the procurement and tender functions and place them in a position to submit a tender response –that is more in line with the expectations of procurement professionals and buyers.
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  • Know the function of procurement
  • Understand the tender process
  • Prepare and submit a tender response
  • Comply with tender probity 
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Agreeing the contract

This module is designed assist suppliers’ knowledge of the procurement contract and process including negotiating, forming, and signing a contract. It addresses many common topics, obstacles, and considerations by offering explanation, guidance, and advice to ensure procurement teams experience improved engagement with suppliers.
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  • Learn about procurement contracts
  • Explain the formation of the contract
  • Participate in contract negotiation 
  • Understand other types of Contract
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Delivering the contract

This module highlights the importance of understanding contract management from the contract kick-off and implementation process, addressing contract delivery through to scope changes and variations, and capturing contract administration requirements that are all essential when delivering a contract.
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  • Define Contract Management
  • Facilitate Client Relationships
  • Understand Contract Performance
  • Administer the Contract
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Beyond the contract

This module helps to ensure that suppliers direct their efforts toward maintaining focus on their existing contractual client while commencing continuous planning processes, using the learnings from that contract, in order to put their best foot forward for the next contract opportunity.
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  • Identify and manage commercial contract risks
  • Prepare for contract completion and demobilisation
  • Understand importance of demonstrating capability
  • Know how to position your business for new contracts and growth


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Shaun Hodgins

Shaun is a procurement professional with over 15 years’ experience gained in senior leadership roles with several corporate Supply Nation members. He is also a demonstrated leader in supplier diversity having been awarded multiple awards for his commitment to the sector in Australia.

Shaun is currently based in Sydney.

Kristel Kinsela - Course author

Jenni Walke

Jenni Walke is a proud Bundjalung woman with 25 years’ experience in leadership development, capability development, business strategy, coaching and facilitation.

Jenni works with businesses and leaders to understand how they work and develop strategies to solve complex problems through new and innovative solutions.